Carnival Pride May 2017

Days 2 & 3: Fun Days at Sea



The first 2 full days of our cruise were “Fun Days at Sea.” The first of which was Monday, May 29, which happened to be Memorial Day. The ship honored the day with a huge flag hanging in the Atrium.

We started the first day with a nice breakfast at the MDR. The dining room is open for breakfast/brunch on sea days only. We mostly relaxed during the days. One day we spent the whole morning on the Serenity Deck, which was lovely. You really have to get there early to get a chair though. (I’m talking 7:30am) It’s a very popular area of the ship.


Another nice thing about being not only on vacation, but on a cruise ship, is that nobody is driving. So nobody has to worry about driving home! So with that, we enjoyed a nice bucket of beer on the first day at sea. We sat on the Lido Deck at the Red Frog Rum Bar and enjoyed our beverages.

Also on the first sea day was “Cruise Elegant” night in the MDR. We tried to get a nice outdoor photo of the 2 of us, but it so windy my hair was going crazy! So we settled for these. We also didn’t purchase many of the “official” cruise photos. Just a personal choice, they’re so expensive and we end up wanting all of them. So we usually just pick a couple.

The Alchemy Bar had a “Martini Tasting” during one of the Sea Days. We loved that. Neither of us had tried Martini’s before, so this was a great introduction. And these were not traditional Martini’s. We chose 4 martini’s from a list and the bartender (aka “The Mixologist”) created our drinks right in front of us. It was fun to watch. The bottom drink (in the above collage) was “Forty is the New Twenty” which ended up being my favorite and I had to go back for more later in the week.

In the evenings on the Fun Days at Sea, there were shows in the Taj Mahal and Comedy Clubs. We opted to go to the Piano Bar one night. There was a Sing-A-Long with Jeff True Jones. He was fantastic. Funny and talented all in one.

Our 4th day on the Pride was also our first Port of Call. My next post will be all about our day in Grand Turk.

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