Carnival Pride May 2017

Day 5: Half Moon Cay


Our second port of call was Half Moon Cay, a Carnival owned island in the Bahamas, also known as Little San Salvador Island. This port uses tenders to reach the shore. The 2 smaller boats above are shuttling people back and forth from the ship to shore.

We were one of the first tenders on the island due to our “Priority Debarking” status. We were lucky to get there early to get a nice spot under the few shade trees.

We ended up getting a “bucket” of beer (we got to keep the insulated bag!) and we also rented a couple of inner tubes. We spent the day floating in the blue water and having some nice adult beverages. It was such a relaxing day.

Just look how awesome that water was. And the weather was ideal. This was probably our favorite port of call, just because it was such a relaxing place. The tender wasn’t my favorite thing, it would be nice if they could build an actual port to dock the ships, but it was still an amazing island. We will absolutely be back.

After our great day at Half Moon Cay, we went back to the ship for food (and coffee!) That evening we went to a show in the Taj Mahal. We got to wear some fabulous 3D glasses for the show.

Day #6 was our final port of call: Freeport, Bahamas.

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