Carnival Pride May 2017

Carnival Pride: Debarkation & Wrap Up

We spent our final morning on the Pride heading down the Chesapeake Bay into Baltimore Harbor. We sailed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which was absolutely stunning, especially with the sun rising behind the bridge. It made for some great photos.

The debarkation process was fairly smooth. If you’re patient and just go with the flow, you’ll be just fine. We had “priority debarkation,” which in our case, didn’t mean we got off the ship first. The passengers that did self-assist got off first. We chose to have our luggage taken off the ship so we didn’t have to lug it down the stairs in a huge mass of people. We were in no hurry to get off the ship, so we took our time. We were told to meet in the Red Frog Pub and wait to be called. We were the first group to be allowed off the ship in the “non self-assist” group.

We walked down the gang-plank, practically sailed through customs, picked up our luggage and headed to the car. It was very simple and didn’t really take a lot of time or waiting. We were in our car and heading home by about 10:30am.

My thoughts on the cruise? It was fabulous. Would we change anything? Not really. Maybe participate in a few more activities? (I really wanted to do some trivia, but kept forgetting about it.)  Overall, it was a great vacation. We met some nice people and created some wonderful memories. It was so great in fact, that we booked the same cruise next year!

Here are a few more random shots from around the ship on our last day. As everyone else was in a rush to get home, we had the top few decks to ourselves.

So, what sort of travel plans do we have on tap next? Well, we’re taking a little trip to the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York! We’ll be staying at an Inn at one of the Wineries on Seneca Lake. Check back soon to see all the details from our getaway!

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