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Day Trip: Chittenango Falls State Park


Chittenango Falls State Park is a nice little day trip for us. It’s only about 45 minutes from our home, in the town of Cazenovia, NY. It’s a 167 ft. waterfall that is stunning from every angle. There’s a lot to do in the park itself. You could have a picnic or bbq, or hike the trails around the falls. You could also go fishing, the kids could use the playground or you could take a walk on the nature trail.

My husband and I hiked the trails around the falls and got some nice photos. It was such a perfect day, not too hot, not too cool. The hike down to the bridge that crosses Chittenango Creek isn’t too bad. There are mostly stairs created from giant rocks and in some areas there are man-made wooden stairs. Once you hike down one side of the falls, you can make a return trip up the other side, which takes you across the road to Chittenango Creek, which is also a beautiful area.

After our hike around the Falls, we were a little thirsty, so we headed to Empire Farm Brewery, which is also in Cazenovia.


Empire Brewing originated in Syracuse back in the early 90’s. The Empire Farm Brewery opened in 2016. The Farm Brewery cultivates their own hops, as well as various herbs and fruits. They had a freshly planted lavender field near the entrance.

The Empire Farm Brewery is also a restaurant and bar, which serves lunch and dinner 4 days a week (Thurs-Sun) and opens at 4pm the rest of the week. They had a tasting special, where you received 6 small glasses of beer for $13. We didn’t go that route, we opted for a single pint each. Next time we’re there, we’ll be a little more daring and try a mix of beers as they do have a quite a lot of original beer on tap.

Cheers to a fun day trip to Chittenango Falls and Empire Farm Brewery!

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